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Date:Wednesday July 20, 2005 9:40:41 pm MDT
Subject:Re: older brown throated female conure ..very nasty toward men especially
Message:This bird sounds like it is going to need an extra special person to help bring it out of its shell. This bird sounds very scared, possibly abused in the past. This will take extra effort, patience and love on your part to help this bird bloom into the best pet it can be.

To help her learn to trust you, move slowly around the bird. Approach the bird only when you are calm and relaxed and in a loving and understanding mood. Try to be predictable in your behavior as predictability is comforting to a bird, especially a scared bird.

Parrots do not make good pets for most people. How determined are you to help this bird overcome his fears and to become a part of your family?

Trimming nails? Well, that isn't easy even with a parrot that adores you. LOL! Some perches can help with that and to be honest, most of my birds rarely need my intervention when it comes to nail trims.

bonnie ulrich wrote:
> i have a 5 yr. old brown throated conure was given to me for its
> nastiness and it aggression toward men ,3 families im the
> 4th owner and have had her for 3 yrs.she doesnt talk..has no
> scared of music, water..touch and snuggling...wont
> play and is very sad...what can i do to make her trust me and let me
> trim her nails and love her?

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