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Name:Joe and Jake
Date:Wednesday July 20, 2005 10:54:59 am MDT
Subject:Mixed feelings
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Maybe I was just really happy that he comes on my finger after this time we have been together, but he still bites alot. Maybe he just goes on my finger to bite me? This situation is confusing. He either trusts me enough to go on my finger and then bites me because he thinks its fun or he goes on my finger solely to bite it. Is there anyway to tell which one it is?

He likes when i rub his cheek through the cage. When I put my hand over him he sits in my hand and gently nips at my hand and it gets gradually harder and more painful. When he is on my finger he will slide to the back of my finger and bites HARD. I dont know what to do in this situation. The only thing I do is when it gets too painful I will bang on the desk. He stops for a little then goes right back to it. Sometimes I say dont bite and he will stop look at me and then go to it again. If I shake my finger he gets more aggrivated and starts at it again, but with more force on a smaller area of skin (pinches the skin usually until it comes off). Over the past month that I have had him, his beak has become very sharp, even though i gave him a perch thats made out of some kind of hard sandy texture to file his beak and nails on. Although he does perch on it all the time, his beak still is sharp. Maybe he is sharpening it. :-D

Although I have made progress, I still dont feel that we have a great relationship. Also, I think I should feel honored because whenever anyone other than me goes to pet him, they get a much worse attitude and bite from jake. It is an obvious and drastic change in behavior if I am in front of him or if someone else is in front of him.

I was wondering if there is a product that he can perch on so that he could come in the shower with me. Is there a product that is textured that he wont slip off of? Let me know what your suggestions are.

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Do you think that the situation is getting better or worse since the last time I updated you (in June)?
 How can I correct this behavior of him biting me?
Should I just sternly tell him "DONT BITE!" or continue to slap the table (remember slapping the table makes him stop longer than telling him DONT BITE!)?
What kind of shower perch will keep him from slipping off of the perch?
Once again, is it normal that he hates everyone else and if it isnt and I have to change the behavior, how?
If I have to change the behavior, is there a risk that the bird will be more attracted to someone else, even though we have bonded already?

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