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Date:Monday July 18, 2005 8:24:53 pm MDT
Subject:Re: fetching and training
Message:ziggysmom be natural. DOn't worry so much about your feathered charge and how he's going to handle going to the vet. If you act natural he'll know it's natural and he won't be all feathered panic when being examined.

Gloves? You do not need them for what you are doing. Gloves are usually a big no, no, however I've been taming a pair of cockateils, and sometimes, but not often do I have to use them.

And yes, there are dozens of books out on taming. But it sounds like the only problem you are having is Ziggy completely trusting you.

Good luck


> Ah, I am being taught how to fetch. I give Ziggy a piece of paper
> towel which he shreds and throws to the ground - and then I pick it
> up for him and we do it all over again....
> Are there any books or articles about how to tame a bird? This bird
> is not very hand tamed (as my finger will attest to today).
> Are there any calming remedies I might give him on Wednesday when we
> go to the vet?
> Will it freak him out if I wear gloves? (to get him in his carrier -
> his cage is too big for my car)

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