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Date:Monday July 18, 2005 2:57:11 pm MDT
Subject:Re: An update on Jake
Message:It is so good to hear that you're making progress with Jake and that a bond is starting to form. That is wonderful!

Although not always, very often it is a female bird that prefers men humans, but not always. To be on the safe side, you might want to start calling Jake a new name like Jazz (short for Jasmine) or Jazzy Bird. LOL! i think your bird will adjust to any name you call it. Most of my birds have alias names anyhow. For example, my male sun conure is officially named Sammy, but I never call him that. Most often I call him Whammy. He also knows Sammy Whammy and Wham. Then my green cheek is Bebe, but we call her Bobbous and Bobbous Bebe. Avocado is my maroon belly, but I call him Cozzy. Same goes for my dogs...Roxanne is also known as Mocky and Rocky. Finocchi is also known as Nooch the Mooch, Noochis, Moochis, Nucci. LOL! Nobody is confused around here. <Grin>

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