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Name:Joe and Jake
Date:Monday July 18, 2005 9:01:18 am MDT
Subject:An update on Jake
Message:Jake and I have gotten alot closer since the last time I posted on this website. He still bites me.... a lot.... but hurts me alot less. He comes on my finger when I give it to him. Once he gets on my finger he will usually nip at it and sometimes hurt me. Getting him off of my finger is usually not a challange either. I can pick him up with confidence. By pick up I mean his whole body in my hand.

When someone other than me comes close to the cage Jake will go nuts. He does not like anyone other than me or my bro or father. He tried to kill my fiance while i was away last week (haha). I am the only one who can pet him and hold him. Come to think of it, Jake does not like women. When my brother or father come to jake and try to pet him, he lets them. Do you think that the aggression towards females is because he is really a she? I am going to get Jake's DNA tested to make sure. I have chosen the name Jasmin if he is a she.

It is ok to change his name at this point because usually I just call him birdy. Just like a call my cat kitty even though her nam is not kitty.

Anyway, I hope you are all well. Thanks for reading!

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