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Date:Sunday July 17, 2005 11:45:14 pm MDT
Message:Hi everyone, just an update on my Nanday family.

Kiwi Anna and Mr. Bird are faithfully both sitting on the three eggs. I don't think Kiwi will lay anymore.

For the first time since the birth of the first egg I'm finally allowing Mr. Bird to spend the night in Kiwi Anna's cage. Kiwi has gotten very adamant about being fed almost exclusively by her mate, Mr. Bird. She will take a little food from the seed cup, but she usually head butts whatever is put before her.

If you so much as look like you are getting near her eggs you'll be lucky to get away with your life. She's a very protective mother. Good mommy in our opinion.

And Mr. Bird declared yesterday morning- plainly- Ok now! That was the first time I ever heard him say that. And he had another surprise in store for me later that same afternoon.

He got through preening Kiwi, and she scholded him for it, then he visited the seed cup, and came out on the door stand. He said, "I need help."
I was just glad I wasn't drinking my soda pop. I would have chocked from laughter.

But if you are a breeder and you have some good ideas, or should knows about my nandays please email me.

Thanks: Linda E

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