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Date:Sunday July 17, 2005 7:50:21 am MDT
Subject:Re: Breeding
Message:I would think that compatible birds would breed and if given the chance a nanday would probably stay with its mate until given no other choice, such as being run off by another male nanday. Instead of separating this pair, why don't you let Marley meet their future babies and let him possibly find a mate there? That is, if you plan on breeding any of them.

Many conures keep one foot on their perch when they're mating, so it can be more of a side-to-side rather than a male on top of the female. I think the nandays are like this too.

The brown ring might just be something seasonal relating to mating, I'm not sure about that. Perhaps someone else here with nandays that are nesting can comment on that. Nandays typically breed from May through August here in our part of the world. The brown ring might have something to do with metabolism changes or diet too, I suppose.

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