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Date:Saturday July 16, 2005 9:53:01 pm MDT
I have had a Nanday for 3 years, his name is Marley. We never had Marley sexed and have heard that males and females are indistinguishable by sight.

We recently purchased 2 beautiful Nanday's from a pet store where the owner decided to get out of the bird business. He was divorced a few years ago and took his share of the settlement and followed his lifelong dream of opening a pet store. We have 3 other birds and would never consider buying a bird from a pet store after we learned how they operate. My husband befriended the owner and he was a genuine animal lover but admitted that he couldn't compete with the "super stores" and breeders when it came to birds. All of his birds are beautiful, happy and healthy, so we took advantage of the deal.

The 2 we purchased were a pair that had bred in the past while he had them. We were really just looking for a mate for Marley but the store owner felt bad about splitting up the pair. We agreed and bought them both.

When we got home we spent some time with them and noticed that one of them looked exactly like Marley and the other had a very noticeable brownish ring around it's neck. My husband built a nesting box and put it up for them and we saw them mating yesterday and saw the one with the "ring" on the bottom. We have another pair (lovies) who mate and the female is always on the bottom.
Is it the same with Nandays? And has anyone ever seen a female with that "ring"? If so, do the females all have it?

Marley doesn't have a ring and his mannerisms are very similar to those of the male in our new pair. I'm wondering if we can pretty much assume that he is a male.

The last thing (for now) that we were wondering is if Nandays stay true to their mates for life, or if they can mate with other Nandays.

Any help or information is greatly appreciated.
Thank you!

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