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Date:Saturday July 16, 2005 4:14:25 pm MDT
Subject:Re: he's finally killing a toy.....
Message:Great ideas, thanks!! Karen

Margaret wrote:
> Be careful with fruits like grapes. A simple rinse under the water
> (which is what our family used to do when we ate grapes ourselves)
> isn't enough. Now I take antibacterial soap and put a few grapes in
> my hands, wash them like I'm washing my hands and then I dry them
> well before offering them to any of my birds. I slice the grape down
> the center and then again the opposite way making little grape
> wedges, but that is because I get ones with seeds and I need to
> remove the seeds before I give them to my birds. Some birds like to
> tear into them whole.
> If you offer the bannanas with the skin on them you might want to
> wash them the same way.
> Carrots are great for Vitamin A which is one of the most common
> vitamin deficiencies in parrots. My conures like the whole, peeled
> baby carrots. Sometimes I quarter then down the length of the carrot
> making carrot wedge sticks too, if I'm conserving or something.
> Broccoli is another good veggie for Vitamin A.
> Lettuce isn't very nutritious as it is mostly water. The dark leafy
> greens are best. I go for the organic baby greens. I'll take a
> handful and use scissors or a knife to slice them into thin blades
> like grass.
> They are social eaters so if you can eat some delicious raw veggies
> and make it look good, set a plate full of healthy goodies in front
> of you and go get your bird. Let him hang out on your shoulder with a
> foot toy or whatever and just enjoy the healthy snack yourself.
> Chances are that your bird is going to want to try eating what you're
> eating. If you can remove his food for a couple of hours before you
> set him up, that way he'll likely be a little hungry, you're chances
> of getting his participation are going to better. This can work
> especially well if you remove the food cups at night and first thing
> in the morning spend an hour with him and your healthy treat
> platter.
> Try them all sorts of ways...whole, raw, steamed and still warm,
> sliced, diced, shredded, you name it. You can try new things with him
> and make this healthy meal sharing time a routine. Warm cooked brown
> rice, whole wheat pasta, peas, whole grains, oh geez, you name it.
> Just fresh is best, frozen is next best, but refrain from using
> canned things since they tend to have a lot of sodium. Don't add salt
> or butter to anything you plan on sharing with your bird. If you are
> sharing cereal, no milk should be given to your bird and nothing
> soaked in milk, nothing sugary sweet. Unsweetened fruit juices can be
> shared. You'll get good at reading ingredient labels. <grin> Of
> course, no alcohol, no chocolate, no caffeine and no avocado. Stay
> away from pits and seeds from cherries, applies, peaches, grapes,
> etc...
> If you have any specific food questions that you're not sure about,
> just run them past us here.
> Sharing meals are also a good way to bond with your new pet. Enjoy!
> ziggysmom wrote:
> > Wahoo.....he is finally shredding a toy I have in his cage. I was
> > beginning to wonder about the poor fellow. So how do I get him to
> eat
> > some fruit or veggies? SO far he doesn't go for grapes, bananas,
> > lettuce or carrots. Is there a way to present them that might be
> more
> > appetizing? Karen

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