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Date:Thursday July 14, 2005 5:09:48 pm MDT
Subject:Re: he's finally killing a toy.....
Message:Be careful with fruits like grapes. A simple rinse under the water (which is what our family used to do when we ate grapes ourselves) isn't enough. Now I take antibacterial soap and put a few grapes in my hands, wash them like I'm washing my hands and then I dry them well before offering them to any of my birds. I slice the grape down the center and then again the opposite way making little grape wedges, but that is because I get ones with seeds and I need to remove the seeds before I give them to my birds. Some birds like to tear into them whole.

If you offer the bannanas with the skin on them you might want to wash them the same way.

Carrots are great for Vitamin A which is one of the most common vitamin deficiencies in parrots. My conures like the whole, peeled baby carrots. Sometimes I quarter then down the length of the carrot making carrot wedge sticks too, if I'm conserving or something. Broccoli is another good veggie for Vitamin A.

Lettuce isn't very nutritious as it is mostly water. The dark leafy greens are best. I go for the organic baby greens. I'll take a handful and use scissors or a knife to slice them into thin blades like grass.

They are social eaters so if you can eat some delicious raw veggies and make it look good, set a plate full of healthy goodies in front of you and go get your bird. Let him hang out on your shoulder with a foot toy or whatever and just enjoy the healthy snack yourself. Chances are that your bird is going to want to try eating what you're eating. If you can remove his food for a couple of hours before you set him up, that way he'll likely be a little hungry, you're chances of getting his participation are going to better. This can work especially well if you remove the food cups at night and first thing in the morning spend an hour with him and your healthy treat platter.

Try them all sorts of ways...whole, raw, steamed and still warm, sliced, diced, shredded, you name it. You can try new things with him and make this healthy meal sharing time a routine. Warm cooked brown rice, whole wheat pasta, peas, whole grains, oh geez, you name it. Just fresh is best, frozen is next best, but refrain from using canned things since they tend to have a lot of sodium. Don't add salt or butter to anything you plan on sharing with your bird. If you are sharing cereal, no milk should be given to your bird and nothing soaked in milk, nothing sugary sweet. Unsweetened fruit juices can be shared. You'll get good at reading ingredient labels. <grin> Of course, no alcohol, no chocolate, no caffeine and no avocado. Stay away from pits and seeds from cherries, applies, peaches, grapes, etc...

If you have any specific food questions that you're not sure about, just run them past us here.

Sharing meals are also a good way to bond with your new pet. Enjoy!

ziggysmom wrote:
> Wahoo.....he is finally shredding a toy I have in his cage. I was
> beginning to wonder about the poor fellow. So how do I get him to eat
> some fruit or veggies? SO far he doesn't go for grapes, bananas,
> lettuce or carrots. Is there a way to present them that might be more
> appetizing? Karen

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