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Date:Thursday July 14, 2005 11:08:51 am MDT
Subject:Re: our new 4 month old Noah-luke-leo
Message:I hope that someone else besides your son will be the primary care giver for this bird. Is it a nanday conure? Is this a newly weaned baby?

There aren't any really good conure books out there that I know of, but there are lot of books with general info. Another good book to get besides a basic conure book would be a book on parrot behavior. This page here has several good books on it: 05226X/0/101/1/none/purchase/ref%3Dpd%5Fsxp%5Fr0/103-7642696-1905416

The Conure Handbook
The Conure: An Owner's Guide To A Happy, Healthy Pet
Guide To A Well-Behaved Parrot
Guide To Companion Parrot Behavior

Some birds never talk, others talk but in a voice only a "mother" could understand and others never really do learn to talk. My nanday is not a great talker. He says a couple of words but only I can make them out and understand what he's saying. To others it just sounds like he is making sounds and noises, but not words.

The bird might need a couple days to adjust to his new home and his new owners. Birds have special needs and if you've never owned a bird before you have a ton of reading and a ton of learning to do.

Do spend time with the bird but don't spend more time than you can keep up on a regular basis with the bird. Nandays can be big screamers and are very loud, so if you accidentally encourage screaming you could be in for trouble later. This happens when a new owner spends a ton of time with the bird, holding it and playing with it constantly but then when the newness of a pet parrot wears off and life gets busy, kids go back to school, etc...then the bird is played with less and less and the bird doesn't understand why and begins to scream for attention. Screaming back at the bird only reinforces the behavior because he thinks you're joining in on the fun, plus he sees no difference between "good" attention and "bad" attention. If you run to the bird every time he screams, then he learns that screaming gets him the attention that he wants. Behavior books will help you avoid many "new bird owner" mistakes to help keep your bird a good pet.

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Jacque wrote:
> Our son got a new conure two days ago(he is 6 and he named the bird).
> Does anyone know where I can get a book to read up about the bird?
> About how long does it take them to adapt and learn to talk? Any
> advice?

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