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Date:Wednesday July 13, 2005 12:15:49 am MDT
Subject:Now what do I do?
Message:Ok, everybody knows that Kiwi Anna and Mr. Bird are parents now. Trouble is with Kiwi.

She is ravenously hungry. Mr. Bird eats his fill, then feeds her a little, (The regurgatation thing, but not much. And as per what a breeder told me I could try a corn bread, egg-egg shell, yogurt and some fresh shredded veggies or fruit for a meal I tried it.

   Kiwi refuses to eat it. She won't even take a nibble. I don't want her to starve, or go without, and she hasn't, but to keep food in her, I've kept a steady
diet of teil pellets, and regualr seed for her in her tray. I tricked her into chewing a mini carrot into swiss cheese, had to use a tums for her calcium since she laid her first egg, or eggs on Saturday, (No vet) Since then she's laid another, and she may still lay yet another.

I'm concerned about what and how to feed my seed eating picky mama bird. I know she needs more, but how can I get her to eat it. Tricking her at this point I think would be too stressing on her since she's brooding over the eggs.

Do I just buy bannanas and apples, a few grapes, and keep feeding her the mix of cockateil pellets and a seed formula that I get on a regular basis. I try to give her and Mr. bird a healthy diet.

And how often must I feed my brooding hen?

Thanks: Linda

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