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Date:Tuesday July 12, 2005 12:43:29 pm MDT
Subject:Re: question
Message:Here are a couple of pages for learning about bird poop:

I can't think of much that was missed between these two pages. <grin>

I'm lucky enough to have several avian vets near me, but I've also taken my birds to non-avian specific vets and have been very pleased. Some vets have an interest in birds, may have some parrots of their own, and may have a network of vet friends who happen to be specially trained in birds that they can refer problem cases to. Non-avian vets can be great vets too. Just to help you keep an open mind about it all. But you follow your hunches.

This site offers recommendations by bird owners for vets in their area and this might help you find an alternate vet -

You could also contact local bird clubs in your area and ask them where they take their birds and who could they recommend. Don't be afraid to ask them why they recommend this or that one. For example, there is an AAV vet listed for my area and if you asked bird owners they'd tell you that he kills more of their birds than saves them. I won't mention his name here since I don't want any legal problems, but that is the truth and he is located in SE Michigan. As a matter of fact his practice was recently shut down or it closed but I'm not sure where he is practising at the moment.

I also know someone who took their bird to an avian vet and their cockatiel was very sick. The staff was afraid of the bird and they brought the bird into an exam room, turned off all the lights, wrestled it with towels and then turned the lights back on. Yes, all this for a relatively sweet parrot as far as the parrot world goes. What the heck would they have done with a hormonal macaw? Goodness gracious!

So find a vet that handles your bird with kindness and confidence with a staff that isn't afraid of birds. Ask the vet questions about what he/she tells you. Do they answer your questions to your satisfaction? Do they seem knowledgeable and will they take an extra few moments to help educate you if necessary? Do they listen to you and take their time with you? Do they explain what they're doing and why (if you ask)? Can they recommend an after hours avian emergency for you or will they be available if you need them for an emergency? Ask how long they've been treating birds, if they have any birds of their own, and about how many birds do they see there in their practice. Will they discuss proper nutrition with you (make sure they don't recommend an all seed diet). Ask how they keep informed of new developments in avian healthcare. If they are not an AAV member, ask why. Ask them who they recommend or who replaces that avian vet when they are not available. Do they have a replacement at all?

I hope this helps.

ziggysmom wrote:
> Well I can tell you all kinds of things about German Shepherd poop,
> but bird poo - what do I need to be looking for? Ziggy has good solid
> stools, just wondering if there is a bad or good color or
> whatever.....
> Called my vet yesterday and they have no recommendation for an avian
> vet cause one of them "sees" birds. Will be calling the exotic bird
> place to get some of their recommendations. There are AAV vet's in a
> 30 mile radius. What should I look for in an avian vet? Karen

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