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Name:Jody & Timber
Date:Monday July 11, 2005 8:32:24 pm MDT
Subject:Re: aww how cute
Message:ziggysmom wrote:
> Ok now he has figured out how to get my glasses off and he is sticking
> his beak on my lips..... double aawww
> Margaret wrote:
> > That is a wonderful sign of affection. You've got youself a sweetheart
> > there.
> >
> > ziggysmom wrote:
> > > Ziggy's rubbing his head on my ear.... just had to share

Congratulations on your new buddy !! Sounds like you two are hitting it off just fine - just gets your heart to twitter when something so special and spontaneous happens with these little guys as your relationship begins to grow !! Welcome, we all look forward to hearing/sharing your new experiences, and believe me - your in the greatest of hands when you need help/advice about your new buddy. Margaret is our Guru <grin>

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