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Date:Monday July 11, 2005 3:53:13 pm MDT
Subject:Mr. Bird & Kiwi's New Family
Message:Even though I have my doubts that their new baby egg is even viable, both birds are doding parents. Kiwi- no one gets anywhere near that egg, unless you have a beak, a green head, and look a bit feather plucked. In other words, you have to be Mr. Bird.

Kiwi's regular routine is to the food bin, a quick zip of water- up to her perch to ring her favorite bell and back to brood on the egg.

For the first two days we really didn't let Mr. Bird into the cage-cuz he wouldn't leave her alone, and fear of crushing the egg. But thus far I've notice, he too is tenderly looking after that egg.

I've also learned Kiwi will not be going in to see any vet whatsoever while she is brooding over that egg. When she's done that's when we'll make an appointment for her to see the vet.

I've even done what I thought I would never do. I gave both birds a zip of orange juice. Kiwi loves it, and she won't let Mr. Bird hardly get his beak into it.

But other than that it is relatively quiet around here, especially for the new bird parents.

Linda E

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