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Date:Sunday July 10, 2005 3:58:50 pm MDT
Subject:Re: new nanday
Message:It really sounds to me as if Ziggy is just a little scared and unsure right now. Move slowly around him, keep an even temper and show him love and respect. This will pay off in the long run. Let him get used to you and your body language and your moods. Believe me, your bird will learn to read you like a book. You can read a story about this (me and my husband's macaw Peanut) in the July 2005 issue of Bird Talk.

No, don't think you're "boring" us with any details at all. The more we know, the easier it is for us to help you. I think that your life with Ziggy can be almost as life changing as developing a relationship with Christ. Nandays are very special birds and can really add a dimension to your life otherwise unknown. You'd be surprised at how much a pet bird can change your life. I do not mean to be disrespectful in any way.

You're right, he has undergone many changes, some of which can be very scary. New things can mean the difference between life and death and your bird still has many of those wild instincts. Be predicatable in your behavior and moods and he will calm down. He can feel your energy and if you are agitated, in a hurry or rushed your bird is likely to be uncooperative. Even if that is the mood from someone else in the room, your bird can react to that. If you can remain calm and relaxed, it will also help your bird to relax. If he knows what to expect from you, that can help build some trust and that takes time and is very important in a bird/human relationship.

Spend time watching your bird and you will learn a lot about him.

ziggysmom wrote:
> Actually sitting on my shoulder is fine....he is my office bird (I am
> a pastor and my office is about ten feet from my home) so I do a bit
> of computer time and he is more than welcome to sit on my shoulder.
> He bit me yesterday and today when the hand was in the cage (an
> actual bite as opposed to using his beak to step up).. He shies away
> from my hand or
> a dowel when he is on my shoulder (but will give kisses and if I
> catch the right angle will let me scratch him). I have been placing
> my hand in the cage without expecting anything and now he climbs up
> on it and then off. I don't always take him out of the cage os he can
> get used to my hand being in their. I wont bore you with the details
> of trying to get him in a towel in order to hold him a bit, but when
> I was successful it was ok. I could get at his pin feathers. Am
> working on finding out what his preferred snack is so I can reward
> him. He gets off my shoulder and steps directly into the cage.    The
> people who sold him to me had a bunch off their birds in a playpen and
> Ziggy was attacked and then put in a car for a long ride and then
> another long ride to my house, new cage etc. The poor fellow is just
> a bit stressed. I was concerned that maybe the hanging from his beak
> was a stress thing. As I've read more about these great birds, I see
> they love antics...I actually went to the bird fair to see the
> Macaws....but Ziggy had other plans.....

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