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Date:Sunday July 10, 2005 3:26:43 pm MDT
Subject:Kiwi Anna & Mr. Bird's Egg
Message:I'm sure everyone knows just how excited we were to have our parrots become the parents of an egg.

It meant many excited phone calls and emails.
Frantic calls to the vet. (Frown) None in on Saturday!

And a hurried trip to town and back to be with her.

The result was a very hungry mama bird. It seemed every so often she was hurrying to the food bin, even when I stretched, yawned and went to bed for the night.

Today: it's been slightly different.
P.S. By the way I had to pullover a tums and put in her food.
Today Kiwi still wants Mr. Bird to be available- within view. Letting him into the cage? I'll have to think about that one.
Is it possible he'll step on the egg? And he also will not leave Kiwi alone.
So for the time being he's into the wide open of the house, but Kiwi's cage door remains shut.

Kiwi seems to sit on the egg for extended periods of time, and is brooding, moving the nesting material anywhere she wants to have it. She's getting some sleep this way it seems, and the two of us are snoozing too.

So I think she'll be fine.

However, now I'm wondering if the egg is even viable because of the two shrilled prune like eggs she dropped prior to dropping the egg she's sitting on.

Can anyone tell me about that?

Cuz I don't want to take that egg away from her if there is a live baby inside it. Do I just let her sit on it for 21 days and go from there?

any advice, thoughts or whatever would be helpful for me.

Linda E.

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