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Date:Sunday July 10, 2005 1:46:41 pm MDT
Subject:Re: new nanday
Message:Hi Ziggysmom. We're glad you found our message board.

Birds bite for many reasons and I think this bird is biting hands because he thinks the hands are going to remove him from where he prefers to perch which is on your shoulder. This is not uncommon and the bird is basically communicating that he wants to stay on your shoulder and if his bites can intimidate you, then he'll get his way. All parrots want to be "boss" it seems.

As long as you're OK with him being on your shoulder, that is one thing. But if he won't step up and get off your shoulder when you ask him to, you can try using a perch to have him step up onto. Most birds, with practise, will step up onto a stick. Use the words "step down" so your bird is also getting a verbal clue as to what behavior/reaction you're soliciting. If the bird steps down, praise him verbally, smile at him, tell him how smart and how good he is. Set him down on his cage or where ever the intended destination is and give him a treat reward. Verbal praise and treat reward (sunflower seed, dried papaya piece or whatever works for your particular bird) is a strong reinforcement. Soon he will look forward to "stepping down" to get his verbal praise and attention and his treat.

If that doesn't work you may have to remove clothing to get the bird off you. He has to know that you won't hurt him and that he won't waste any trust that he puts in you, but he also needs to know that you are boss, in a loving and caring way. Never try to intimidate your bird in a threatening way, don't "punish" your bird verbally or physically, but he will need to learn that you will get your way because you are boss. If there is another person in the house who can come up behind you and move their hands towards the bird, you put your hands up as a "way out" and let the bird retreat to the "safety" of your hands (as compared to "their" hands) and then you have him where you want him in order to place him back inside his cage or where ever you intend to place him.

I hope this helps.

ziggysmom wrote:
> I purchased ziggy (not sure of age - perhaps 4 - or gender) yesterday
> at a bird fair 'cause he picked me. (was in an awful cage...) Loves
> to sit on my shoulder, but bite the hand..... Will be calling my vet
> in the morning so he can recommend a avian expert. So here goes,
> today he was hanging from his perch by his mouth and swinging his
> legs.... (i got him a new cage and appropriate sized perches, and a
> few toys which he hasn't played with yet..not sure he has had any
> before)Anyone seen their bird do this??

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