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Date:Sunday July 10, 2005 12:30:32 pm MDT
Subject:Re: new nanday
Message:ziggysmom yes, it is quite common. If birds were not birds the next best name would be monkey. A sign of a healthy bird is often indicated by scaling the walls, floors, ceiling of their cages. Hanging on to something with their beak and letting their feet dangle for short periods of time. It's nothing to worry about.

Biting your hand? My thought is that he just is testing, asking you: Are you really my mom? You are not going to abandon me right? One thing I found that helped my birds was when I sat them on me for cuddling time, and just held their beak on either side firmly, stroked it gently, and spoke in soothing tones.
After the first few times the biting pretty much stopped with one exception.

Kiwi is my baby and Heaven help any body trying to take her off me. The beak opens, the feathers go back, and she comes charging at whoever is trying to coax her to step up on their finger.

Now I have parents, (Bird's that are parents on my hands) and it is all worth it.

Linda E

> I purchased ziggy (not sure of age - perhaps 4 - or gender) yesterday
> at a bird fair 'cause he picked me. (was in an awful cage...) Loves
> to sit on my shoulder, but bite the hand..... Will be calling my vet
> in the morning so he can recommend a avian expert. So here goes,
> today he was hanging from his perch by his mouth and swinging his
> legs.... (i got him a new cage and appropriate sized perches, and a
> few toys which he hasn't played with yet..not sure he has had any
> before)Anyone seen their bird do this??

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