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Date:Sunday July 10, 2005 8:18:06 am MDT
Subject:Re: The birth of an egg
Message:I had cockatiel raise 3 chicks on the cage floor. It is true that is is harder to maintain proper temperatures on the cage floor as opposed to being inside a nest box, but nature is pretty strong. You can see those babies on the cage floor here -
So, don't worry about that so much.

I'm glad that you have homes set up for a few babies but you can never be sure. Once the babies come and the person who planned on taking a baby is hit with that reality, often they reconsider or change their minds. <smile> It has happened to me.

Make sure Kiwi is getting a nutritious diet. Calcium is important for any egg laying hen, but dietary calcium is processed slowly in the bird and the only way to get "instant calcium" in her body for laying eggs "today" is a shot from the vet or something. I know she recently laid those two eggs that were soft shelled and it is a good thing she was able to pass them through her body at all being as soft as you described. That was really quite dangerous for her. That would be my first concern. I know you were going to contact your vet, but you might have to wait another day for his office to open, right?

I would just let her sit on her eggs and rest. Is Mr. Bird bringing her any food? Has he been allowed by Kiwi to hang out there with her? Mr. Bird is also going to need a nutritious diet with plenty of calcium and minerals since he'll be feeding the rest of them too. Don't forget about "Daddy".

Have you seen these birds mating in the past week or so? If not, Kiwi might have just laid these eggs on her own. If she isn't letting Mr. Bird hang out with her, then she might not view him as a mate.

Well, I wouldn't disturb Kiwi much and if she leaves the eggs and asks for attention, then by all means give her some. Normally they incubate for 25 days or so, so just let her have this time to do her own thing. If she chooses to sit on them longer, just let her. If you remove eggs too soon, she is likely to lay others to replace them and she could run into health problems when doing so.

Keep us posted.

Linda wrote:
> I'm worried though because she laid this egg on the bottom of the
> cage- no nest box.
> But right now my priority is keeping Kiwi's basic needs met, and keep
> her healthy, let her sit on her eggs and be a mommy so it's off to
> talking to anyone I know that has skills in the birding world. My
> vets are not in since it's saturday.
> the truth is, I don't know what I'm going to do,,, we'll
> just let nature take it's course and let our dear lovely Nanday's
> have their space.
> Thanks: Linda
> P.S. I'm open to the how to's, what to do on caring for my nanday
> parent birds.

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