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Date:Sunday July 10, 2005 7:52:27 am MDT
Subject:Re: Margaret in "Bird Talk"
Message:Oh, Stephanie, that is so cool that have been in Cat Fancy. I used to get Dog Fancy back in the 1980s when I bought my first home and got my first dog <smile> but my pet cats were only when I was small and they were really my Mom's cats. Those are such nice publications.

My birds stay where I spend most of my time, the dining room where my piano and computer are and the living room which is basically an extension of the dining room and like one big large room. I can see all of them and they can all see me. The TV in the living room can be viewed by most all of the birds and I'll put that on when I leave the house for something. When I'm home everyone is out of their cage, flight feather's trimmed and I have several play gyms and I'll slide cages over next to each other, connect them by ladders and natural branches and the birds have a pretty good time here.

With the air cleaners I run a HEPA air filter in the dining room all the time. The door to the 2nd floor is also in my dining room and at the top of the stairs is a large metal exhaust fan that is constantly blowing out in warmer weather. I don't have central air and I'll leave some windows open in the living room and it takes lots of bird debris right out the upstairs window. I've removed the screen up there because that used to act as a filter and get pretty gunked up with stuff too. I might turn the HEPA air filter off to sweep and vacuum, but I turn it right back on. I've worn out several air filters and next time I think I'll look for something a little more "industrial". LOL!

My friend, Allen Fox (3rd VP in National Cockatiel Society, where I am their online editor and proofreader) has a store and he's been selling this air cleaner - ucts_id=46

That is more "heavy duty" than I feel that I need here, but you might consider something like this also.

The African greys are going to produce a lot more bird dust and dander than your Nanday has and you might really notice a difference there.

To help prevent stuff from becoming airborne when you're cleaning cages you can squirt everything down with a water mister and that will keep stuff on the papers while you carefully roll them up and remove them. Plus, it can also give your bird a daily spritzing which they will probably enjoy. Daily misting (you don't need to thoroughly soak the bird daily) can also help keep birdie dust under control too.

Good luck with your new birds!! I'll bet you are looking forward to having them.

Stephanie wrote:
> >
> > Send your stories in to Bird Talk. You might find yourself in
> there
> > one day too! <grin>
> Margaret:
> I'm a writer, up to my eyeballs, at almost all times with
> manuscripts, articles, editing, on & on. I've had an animal article
> published in the publisher of "Bird Talk's" sister publication, "Cat
> Fancy." I don't have time for too much extra writing.
> What I'm wondering though after going to your website and seeing ALL
> the birds--where do they all stay and what sort of air purifier do
> you have? My flock is painfully small right now--just the one Nanday
> but two CAGs will be joining us next month. I need a way to keep the
> air clear, at least as clear as possible because I have mild
> allergies.

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