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Date:Saturday July 9, 2005 2:56:26 pm MDT
Subject:Re: Margaret in "Bird Talk"
> Send your stories in to Bird Talk. You might find yourself in there
> one day too! <grin>


I'm a writer, up to my eyeballs, at almost all times with manuscripts, articles, editing, on & on. I've had an animal article published in the publisher of "Bird Talk's" sister publication, "Cat Fancy." I don't have time for too much extra writing.

What I'm wondering though after going to your website and seeing ALL the birds--where do they all stay and what sort of air purifier do you have? My flock is painfully small right now--just the one Nanday but two CAGs will be joining us next month. I need a way to keep the air clear, at least as clear as possible because I have mild allergies.

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