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Date:Friday July 8, 2005 9:15:59 am MDT
Subject:Beak strengthening
Message:Interesting thread on the trials and tribulations of Linda's Mr Bird. There seems to be two themes, the need to trim an overgrown beak and beak weakness. Both are brought about by the lack of beak use.   For birds that refuse traditional toys there are alternatives to encourage beak use. Millet is good, birds enjoy stripping the sprays more than eating the tiny seeds. Paper towels twisted into 'rope' and strung through the cage bars provide shredding opportunities, as do TP cores. Knotted rawhide and string tied to the cage can provide a workout. My nanday's favorite chew toy are craft sticks woven between cage bars, thin enough to entice even the non-toy bird to do a little splintering.

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