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Date:Wednesday June 15, 2005 2:07:22 pm MDT
Subject:Sharing a rescue story
Message:There have been so many threads on help with rescue nandays. I have been lurking lately but thought I would share my rescue story. Back almost four years ago an internet friend called me to see if I wanted a rescue nanday. It had been brought to her store and the man was threatening to release the bird if someone did not buy it. She was a huge nanday in a tiny cage that was filled with feces. She was on a diet of sunflower seeds and peanuts. My friend bought the bird and since she had no room for a nanday in her life she called me.

 I took her in and named her Diego. She was a very sad, scared bird. After a few weeks she bonded to my husband but hated me. She bit me when ever I tried to touch her or when I put my hand near her cage or my hubby. I did all her care and sat by her cage every day talking to her. At night when I covered her we would whisper back and forth and giggle. Yet for years she wanted nothing to do with me.

Then one day about six months ago she suddenly flew onto my shoulder. I was scared and expecting a face bite so I put up my hand. All of a sudden she plunged her head into my hand and started giving herself scritches. I was stunned. Now she is my little cuddle bug. She still loves my husband. Yet every night just before bed time she comes to me and I get major cuddles. She has not bitten me once since that fateful day she decided she loved me.

With some rescue birds it take years to get through. But once you do you find a rare beautiful gem inside. Diego is one of my best behaved birds now. All those years that I cared for her with nothing in returns but bites have been made up for.


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