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Name:Paige & Sam
Date:Tuesday March 11, 2003 5:57:52 pm MST
Subject:Re: Switching foods and taming conures questions
Message:Thanks for taking the time to reply! =) Well, last night, my mother and I attempted to take Sam out of his cage. We finally got him out but forgot that his wings weren't clipped (oops!). So, we caught him in a towel - thank goodness he wasn't hurt. We decided to clip his wings. We both managed to get him to step up onto our hands a few times but he mostly decided that he would rather bite me - so hard that I bled. But I'm sure that he was frightened. He just needs extra attention. Plus, he was only bonded to his other owner.

On pellets - he won't eat them at all from a bowl. When I try to hand feed him, he grabs the food and throws it on the floor. I have been giving him less sunflower seeds (I'm scared to take them all away so quickly) so maybe he'll get the idea and start eating pellets - after all, he probably hasn't seen them before he came to live with us!

Mirror - I've been taking out his mirror for a few hours each day. Today when my mother came home, she took it out. He seemed fine when I got home so I think I'll leave it out of his cage for now - hopefully it'll help the taming process! =)

I'll be sure to leave updates for you and I'll take a look at - thanks for your help! =)

~Paige & Sam

Josh wrote:
> Paige & Sam wrote:
> > my mother offered to take the bird (who is named Sam).
> You and your mother did a wonderful thing by taking in Sam. Good
> luck!
> > I noticed that he had been plucking feathers out of his chest and off
> > his legs
> Sounds like poor Sam is in need of much love and attention. (But
> then, who isn't?)
> There is a website devoted to such problems. You might want to check
> out
> > Does anyone have any tips on switching him over to a pelleted diet?
> I find that my Nanday is more likely to eat pelleted food if I break
> it into very small pieces. Also, he often won't eat it if I just put
> it in a bowl, but he readily eats it when I hand feed it to him.
> Please post updates on Sam as time goes by. I'm very interested in
> his progress!

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