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Date:Tuesday March 11, 2003 1:15:08 pm MST
Subject:Re: What does yours say.....?
Message:My nanday is almost ten years old, and he has never spoken, other than some incomprehensible mumblings.  LOL.

But that's okay.  I don't care that he doesn't speak.  All of his parrot sounds are very cute, and if I want to hear someone talk, there are plenty of people around.   :-)

Kristin wrote:
> I was just wondering when you all got your nandays and how long it
> took them to say there first word/ nanday took about a half
> a year to say his first word...and that was his name Necco...its
> really cute and since then he has learned Hi and its REALLY
> pronounced too...he says good morning to me every time I come get him
> in the morning...he is truly my baby...he loves to sit with us when
> we eat although he kinda gets pissy when we won't hand over any of
> our food... so what words does your nanday say???
> ~Kris

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