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Date:Tuesday March 11, 2003 11:12:24 am MST
Subject:Re: Switching foods and taming conures questions
Message:Paige & Sam wrote:
> my mother offered to take the bird (who is named Sam).

You and your mother did a wonderful thing by taking in Sam. Good luck!

> I noticed that he had been plucking feathers out of his chest and off
> his legs

Sounds like poor Sam is in need of much love and attention. (But then, who isn't?)

There is a website devoted to such problems. You might want to check out

> Does anyone have any tips on switching him over to a pelleted diet?

I find that my Nanday is more likely to eat pelleted food if I break it into very small pieces. Also, he often won't eat it if I just put it in a bowl, but he readily eats it when I hand feed it to him.

Please post updates on Sam as time goes by. I'm very interested in his progress!

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