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Name:Paige & Sam
Date:Monday March 10, 2003 11:43:11 am MST
Subject:Re: Switching foods and taming conures questions
Message:Thanks for taking the time to reply! =) I still haven't been able to pick Sam up but I do visit him often and talk to him. I've been mixing in a pelleted food with his sunflower seeds. I'm scared to convert him so quickly to a new diet because I don't want to overstress him. He's only eaten a tiny bit of the pellets, though he did eat some apple this morning which was great. I think it's a good idea to take away his mirror, too (though I feel bad about taking his "friend" away!). Yesterday we did move him into our bird room and he really seems to enjoy being with all the other birds. I had been watching the bottom of his cage for feathers and was glad not to see any; but I was in the room earlier today and heard him screech - he had plucked a feather. So, this confirms my fear that he wasn't molting as his owner had said (he is molting on his head though). I appreciate all of your suggestions and if you have any more, feel free to post again! Thanks! ~Paige and Sam

kristin wrote:

> I think its great what your doing for your neighbor. For the help or
> even remedy of plucking feathers I buy peocock feathers or even some
> discarded feathers from another bird or yours and tie them with twine
> and hand them up in the cage, you can find them at your local
> petstore or wherever...but my nanday has never plucked his
> eases stress and gives them something to do while your
> well as the sunflower/seed problem I think thats worse than
> anything, I was approached by a stranger while I had my nanday and
> just said that all they fed their nanday was a sunflower seeds and it
> died of a heartattack...she was very nonchalant about it which irked
> me a bit but I would try totally NOT giving him any at all that is
> how I did it with my friend conure, and ONLY give it for good deeds
> and such and also you might try the bird getting up on your hand and
> giving him a reward such as a seed or maybe grape. The other
> thing...the bird has never had a mirror before and I
> don't want him to, they can get very very connected with it and think
> it is another bird and not want to leave their companion behind and
> want nothing to do with you. I would take out the mirror so that
> doesn't happen. I have also healed a feather plucker by setting his
> cage next to another birds cage so they have another bird to see and
> maybe see how it socializes with you and gets treats for doing things
> that are good...but I have so many ideas and such I couldn't possibly
> write them all down...
> I hope some of my suggestions help you
> ~Kris

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