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Date:Sunday March 20, 2005 2:42:20 pm MST
Subject:Re: Tomatoes
Message:Tomatoes themselves are fine, it is the green parts, the stems and leaves, that you should not give to your birds. Those definitely are toxic and can be found on some of the "toxic plants" lists.

I'm not real sure about the actual seeds of tomato, so my birds I do let them have noodles with a little tomato sauce on it without worrying about it and they could have some fresh tomato as long as it wasn't the juicy seed part (just in case). I know that apple seeds contain a derivitive of cyanide and they are bad, and other fruit pits and seeds are bad, so to be safe, I'd avoid them. One other thought with spaghetti type sauces and noodles for your bird, be careful of onion and garlic. Onion has properties that can burst blood cells and cause internal bleeding in dogs, possibly in birds as well. Garlic has similar properties and in humans it can help thin the blood. People that take blood thinning medication should probably avoid any garlic. Although garlic doesn't produce results to the same extent that onions do, the properties are similar and that is just something you should be aware of. That's all.

My birds and my dogs eat tomatoes fresh (meaty parts) and cooked in sauces (following what I described above) and I haven't had any problems. Ketchup would be too sugary for me to want to offer to my birds or my dogs.

Linda wrote:
> Does anyone know if tomatoe's are good for parrots? I haven't heard
> anything about them in regards to feeding them to parrots at all.
> Just seeking to educate myself so I can be a better parent to my
> birds.
> Linda

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