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Date:Saturday March 19, 2005 12:06:56 pm MST
Subject:Re: New Photo on Front Page/Nevermind
Message:Pam&Piki wrote:
> I clicked on the pic and now I know. It is Rasky!! LOL! Have patience
> with me ... I'm new around here and still learning how things work
> :D
> Pam
> Pam&Piki wrote:
> > Did everyone see that new nanday photo on the front page!
> > It's just stunning!!! It shows a beautiful nanday in all his/her
> > glory. WOW!!! Who's birdie is that? and who is responsible for that
> > wonderful photograph???
> >
> > Pam & Piki

Hi Pam&Piki,

Rasky and I are thrilled that you enjoyed seeing his (or her?) photo. Actually, the photo on the home page rotates, randomly displaying one of four images each time. One of these days, if I can ever find the time, I've got to get around to adding more pictures of the beautiful and adorable Rasky.

Welcome to the site. It's always great to have new people (and birds) around!


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