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Date:Saturday February 26, 2005 4:21:00 pm MST
Subject:Re: banding info
Message:Piti wrote:
> Wendy,
> I "rescued" a Nanday in December and it too was banded. The band
> number on mine began with PSM followed by fl (state abbrv.) then a 4
> digit number. To try to find its owners I contacted a bird band
> manufacturer - L&M bird Leg Bands in California and they said they
> made the bands for PetSmart.
> If you want to find out where he/she came from, try contacting a
> manufacturer, they may be able to tell you the breeder. I hope that
> helps.
> I'll post my rescue story later, it's a good one.

Most PetSmarts in Florida today buy birds from the Kaytee Preferred Birds program. It would count on the year your nanday was born. Preferred birds gets there eggs and babies from breeders all over the state. Breeders meet them at rest stops and hand over the newly hatched babies, Kaytee raises the babies and distributes to pet stores once the babies are older.

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