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Date:Tuesday February 22, 2005 1:30:23 pm MST
Subject:Make the screaming stop!

I've been a bird owner for a year now. I have a lovebird and a nanday. Both of them are fantastic. My lovebird is just a bit territorial, but when she gets out of her cage, she's very personable. My nanday is very affectionate. I've had him since he was two months old so we've grown very close to one another. When he's out of his cage, he has to be around me at all times, either on my shoulder nibbling my ear or taking baths in the sink while I'm doing dishes. However, when I'm too busy to give him my undivided attention, he screams constantly. It's starting to drive me nuts. More importantly, it's driving my roommate and my neighbors crazy as well. I'm going to be moving downtown with two different people in a couple months, and I'm very worried that if I don't do something about his screaming, we won't be able to stay together.

I am now at the point where I'm willing to try everything until I find something that works besides spending every waking minute of my life with a bird on my finger. I'm hoping some of you have some tricks up your sleeve that can help the situation. Otherwise, if you know of any video series or something like that that's very good, please let me know. Some of these training packages on the internet seem very gimmicky, so I don't really want to buy one unless someone tells me they are good. Please help!!


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