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Date:Sunday February 20, 2005 7:44:06 am MST
Subject:Re: Where can I find Nanday Speech Recordings?
Message:Someone on this board has a nanday recording in which his bird repeats "love you" to his owner as his owner puts him to bed. It is a little gravelly sounding voice. Maybe someone here will also recall the details or the URL to direct you towards.

I have heard that budgies can be very good talkers. When my friend was a child, her budgie used to say "Get me a beer, Betty" whenever the Dad came home. I guess it was his routine to tell his wife to get him a beer when he got home each day. LOL!

My nanday isn't a big talker, but does try to repeat the word "sweetheart". He calls me that and he calls his favorite rattle toy that as well. I recognize what he is saying, but others might not. My hubby thinks it sounds more like he is saying "Ecorse" which is the name of a nearby street. So my guy isn't a big talker.

I do have some conures that are very good talkers and who are very quick to pick up words and those would be my green cheek (Bebe) and my maroon belly (Cozzy) conures. Cozzy is bonded to another male conure, a sun named Whammy. Cozzy will kiss Wham (make the kissy noise) and will tell him "love you". He'll grab Whammy's toe and I'll remind Cozzy to be gentle and he'll reply "I'll try". He'll say "I'll beat you up" and then lunge at you (or another bird). Bebe will exclaim "pizza, pizza!" when my hubby walks through the door with a pizza container. Bebe will call for the dogs to go "Outside" when she wants to go to bed because she knows that is the last thing I do before all lights are out and we all go to bed and the house becomes quiet. We act silly and sing songs and Bebe knows right where we insert her name into these songs and she bops and dances with us and will insert her name into the appropriate spots in the song. They blow kisses and say "love you" when you cover them for bed. Bebe will say "be nice" and "be nice to me, Mike" when she wants her Daddy's attention. When you offer them a nice bathing bowl of water or a piece of dried papaya or other favorite treat they blow kisses of appreciation. Cozzy will call me his sweetheart and tell me that he's my sweet man. Cozzy will say "no!" when he wants me to stop doing something (like giving another bird a water misting bath) and if I don't stop, he'll say it over and over "No, no, no, no!!". If I still don't stop, he'll hiss and stab at me and say "No Way, No WAY!" before he throws an absolute fit trying to get me to stop. Sometimes he'll do this when I'm washing dishes and he is with me and sometimes I just have to put him back down on a play gym and give him something else to do, perhaps a swinging toy to beat up or something. I recall laughing and telling my hubby that Cozzy is so smart and he said to me "I AM schmart" with emphasis on "am". I busted right out laughing. All his "s" sounds come out like a "sch" sound. Sometimes they say something you've never heard them say before and it can be in context to what is going on.

Whammy, the sun conure, is not the biggest talker either, but he can still interact. He also blows kisses and says "love you" when putting him to bed. On occasion I may have a baby that I'm handfeeding for a breeder friend and because I usually have some baby formula around, I'll ask Whammy if he is my baby. He'll flip a wing and let out a little squawk. I'll ask him if he wants some baby food and he becomes quite animate and vocal. Then I'll go make him up a nice warm little cup of formula and let him eat it out of the cup and he gulps it down in big mouthfuls. It strengthens our bond, it is nutritious and he likes it. I see nothing wrong with it at all.

There was a recent article that I read on MSNBC which stated that birds are right up there in intelligence as dolphins and primates. A bird actually out performed a chimpanzee when it came to using a tool to get a piece of food out of a tube without allowing the food to fall in through a hole in the bottom of the tube thereby losing the piece of food. The chimp kept losing the food, but the bird used a wire to get in and work the piece of food out without losing it.

We know that many birds can learn to repeat human words. Depending on how the bird is taught, the bird can certainly learn to use those words in context. Partly depending on the bird and partly depending on the training methods of the owner, your bird has the potential capacity to learn quite a bit of human speech. Be able to speak isn't necessarily equivalent to a certain amount of intelligence, but the ability to learn not just speech but other more complex thought processes is a sign of intelligence. In my opinion, just because one bird can't imitate human speech and another bird can, that doesn't make the one that can talk any "smarter" than the one that can't. I know that parrots and birds are intelligent. I see evidence of that every day here at home with my flock of 24 pets (I don't allow any of them to raise babies).

I wouldn't be surprised if they get just as big a kick out of us as we do with them. We probably surprise them with our intelligence (or stupidity) every day, just like they do with us. I'll bet they sit on their perches and laugh at us in their own way all the time.

Nicole wrote:
> Hi,
> I've been trying to find recordings of Nandays talking (not screaming
> or regular bird noises) and I can't seem to find any. If
> it's real, birds are really so much more incredibly capable than I or
> anyone probably ever thought.
> Oh yeah...sorry! Anyone know of any Nanday talking sites to
> recommend?
> Thanks!
> Nicole

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