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Date:Thursday February 17, 2005 8:22:55 pm MST
Subject:Amazing,Unbelievable Talking Budgie
If you read my last posted message it was regarding this- and I just listened to a new recording on "Victor" the talking budgie's site, and this was their explanation of the following conversation followed by the words to what he said, very clearly and directly I might add. ------->

About Gramma

In setting up the clip, over a year ago Victor spent a week with my mom. During that time I stayed for a few days and did some work in the back yard as her weeds were too high. In the recording he recalls when we were there. He is correct when he says that my mom reads alot and often misplaces her purse when it's time to leave. He believes that every book is the Bible. I think the bad part he didn't want to remember was when he got lost there for a couple of hours and we ended up finding him in a box.

(Victor the budgies words---->)

Yeah, Ryan just chop weed.

Had to read Christ when he's out today.

She looses purse.

Okay, very bad habbit.

I just remember that...about her.

MM..I loved her.

I see...Oh...

I not remember you the very bad part.

Yeah, I use only that I like.


I really think anyone will get a huge kick out of this site, I can't believe what I hear and how much sense this bird makes in conversation, especially when asked a direct question. Anyone on this site will be amazed if they hear this, I know I might sound crazy the way I'm pushing it but this birds abilities are so bizzare!




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