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Date:Thursday February 17, 2005 8:09:48 pm MST
Subject:Where can I find Nanday Speech Recordings?
I've been trying to find recordings of Nandays talking (not screaming or regular bird noises) and I can't seem to find any. I did come across this site:

It's of a budgie named "Victor", and he actually responds to questions and says things directly related to the situations going on, it's really strange. He supposedly has an enormous vocabulary and speaks in complete sentences, which turn into entire conversations about one subject, and he makes sense. I don't know if I believe it's a real budgie, or a person's voice being manipulated. When the bird talks it sounds like a possessed person, and it's kind of creepy. You'll see what I mean if you listen to it. At one point in one of the recordings it sounded like the voice talking takes a breath that sounds like a person taking a breath, but the site swears it's a budgie. I think it's incredible if that's really a budgie, and I think I believe it because I know that the world record in 1995 for the bird with the largest vocabulary was a budgie named "Puck", who spoke 1800 words, in phrases, and had beat out an african grey parrot. You really should take a moment to see this site and listen to at least one of the recordings of a conversation by the budgie-it's unbelievable-and they're pretty long and clear. They give you words to read along with it so you can make him out better-this is one of the translations of a conversation:

A bird is a bird, trust me, they diss.

Birds are jealous.

You tell fart.

She's the best buddy.

Yeah, said so Victor.

Trust me. I like Betty.

She walk, talk, joke and make joke.

Betty want to spin the ball something on your boot.

Let me tell you that.

Cough, cough.

Cover your eyes Betty.

Yeah, tell Betty that.

I hit anyone.

I gonna. In eye.

I fart people food once in a while.

Alright fool!

That's right...the bird actually says all this, in one quick, clear conversation, and there's many more recordings. I'd love to hear what you all thought about this one, and if you can believe it or not. If it's real, birds are really so much more incredibly capable than I or anyone probably ever thought.

Oh yeah...sorry! Anyone know of any Nanday talking sites to recommend?

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