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Date:Wednesday February 16, 2005 10:28:11 am MST
Subject:Mr. Bird's recovery
Message:Oh Anna and Boo I wanted to thank you with the helpful information you have given me concerning Mr. Bird, his beak, and his nutrition. I'm truely thankful. I have not seen him work over a cuddle bone since he came to live with us a few weeks after mother's day until last night. He even rubbed his beak up and down a calcium perch and it seemed like a healthy thing for him to do.
   He still shivers so from his past feather plucking that I have placed a standing lamp over his cage and kind of between the gym and he stands right up there to get warm. To supplement that I use flight suits too, but I'm finding I don't really like them that well. However, they serve their purpose and I'm grateful that they are there.

My birds had a healthy portion of Granola this morning mixed with some of their pellets and a little bit of fruit. Well, it's off to see what Princess is barking at.

Thanks again Anna and Boo

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