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Date:Tuesday February 15, 2005 11:44:04 am MST
Subject:Re: where to find a nanday
Message:Jeannette wrote:
> Margaret wrote:
> > There is a person near Ocala who is selling a Nanday -
> >
> > Nanday Conure. Very friendly, can be handled by all. Too many pets
> > must sell. $125.00. To good home only! No cage, must provide your own
> > cage. Call 352-622-2921,
> I am just south of Ocala. And my conure comes with her home, which is
> a beautiful California-style cage, with toys.     So, if you're going
> to come to Ocala to check out the above bird, just travel another
> 15-20 minutes and check out my Gypsy.

Sorry you are about 13 hours I would be willing to buy it if you meet me half way

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