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Name:Jody & Timber
Date:Monday February 14, 2005 7:29:20 pm MST
Subject:Re: Conure rescues??
Message:Sky wrote:
> Hello there. Today a lady came into my work and asked if I would take
> her conure. She doesnt know what kind it is but tried describing it to
> me. She said it had a black and green head and blue and green body.
> But is not completly sure if that is its color because it has feather
> plucked horriably. I have a Nanday Conure already and agreed to take a
> look at her bird tomorrow. I was just wondering if anyone knew of any
> good sites featuring photographs of all conures? Also if anyone knew
> of any Conure Rescues. She doesnt want the bird any more, said she
> "rescued" it from a lady a year ago who had only owned it for two
> months saying she had rescued it also. So I am unsure of this birds
> complete history. I cant take any more animals in at this time for
> more then a few weeks due to a baby on the way and wont have time to
> devote to high maintance cases. So any links offered would be great-
> thanks.
> Sky

Sky - you didn't say where you are located. I would suggest checking out , or looking in the back of Bird Talk Magazine. You could look in the yellow pages I guess for avian rescues in your area. Good Luck

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