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Date:Monday February 14, 2005 7:08:16 pm MST
Subject:Conure rescues??
Message:Hello there. Today a lady came into my work and asked if I would take her conure. She doesnt know what kind it is but tried describing it to me. She said it had a black and green head and blue and green body. But is not completly sure if that is its color because it has feather plucked horriably. I have a Nanday Conure already and agreed to take a look at her bird tomorrow. I was just wondering if anyone knew of any good sites featuring photographs of all conures? Also if anyone knew of any Conure Rescues. She doesnt want the bird any more, said she "rescued" it from a lady a year ago who had only owned it for two months saying she had rescued it also. So I am unsure of this birds complete history. I cant take any more animals in at this time for more then a few weeks due to a baby on the way and wont have time to devote to high maintance cases. So any links offered would be great- thanks.

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