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Date:Thursday February 10, 2005 8:10:54 pm MST
Subject:Re: Websites on Cockatiels
Message:Well, while the baby is young it is easier to convert them over to a healthier diet because everything is new to them anyhow. As long as his birds are healthy and your boss can find one that he really likes (not all birds have the same personality and hopefully he can find one that immediately likes him. Tell him to go out and meet different birds and don't buy the first one someone shoves his way. Tell him to take his time to find that "special" one.

You're right, I am in the U.S. and our society is based out of the U.S., but we do have members worldwide. I recall helping someone from Karachi, Pakistan stop his bird from bleeding. They didn't have flour or cornstarch to stop the bleeding so they used turmeric with a bit of oil. I've had people contact me directly from South Africa, Italy, Japan, Australia and New Zealand for help with their cockatiels. This year I've also had an avian vet from Belgium contact me about certain tests and whether or not they were available to him there in Belgium. So the society has a "global reach" I suppose you could say. One of our volunteers who I've brought in to help moderate the various boards there is from Australia. She goes by the name Suzanne on the boards and she can probably help put you in touch with some other local breeders.

Yes, a vet check is very good advice too. Great!

Kim wrote:
> Hi
> Thanks for the info - I will pass it on. If you know of any good
> cockatiel breeders in NSW in Australia please advise (I assume you
> are in the USA though ?) There is a local breeder who has a pet store
> near where we work and he had some babies that should be weaned soon
> if not already - saw them about two weeks ago.
> The guy is still very old school (all parrots on seed - not a lot of
> toys etc) but seemed fairly nice and seemed to know what he was doing
> with birds. I got the impression on chatting to him that he does love
> birds and has been breeding birds since he left school, so I think
> they would be Okay to get. I have advised my boss to have any bird he
> buys vet checked as well. We almost bought a cockatoo he had just
> because it was so adorable and I think really liked me but
> practicality over ruled and we thought it through realising that our
> cocky and Nanday would not really approve of the competition - from
> their perspective it will be hard enough coping with us having a
> baby. If I could have though I would have come home with the cocky -
> another Nanday (not hand raised though) and his sun friend as well as
> some cockatiels and green cheek conures - one day we will have acreage
> and enough aviaries (or cages indoors if the house is big enough) to
> have many more birds.   
> Take care
> Kim   
> Margaret wrote:
> > Hi Kim, I happen to be the Online Editor for the National Cockatiel
> > Society - . I oversee the message board there
> > called Talk About Tiels where people can post their questions and we
> > have a group of panelists who will provide a prompt answer with good
> > advice. They're welcome to stop in and chat about what they're
> > looking for and maybe we can help hook him up with a local NCS
> > breeder. Our website also has a lot of great articles too. They're
> > welcome to chat directly with me if they wish
> > ( - I've got 16 pet cockatiels (some with
> > disabilities) aged anywhere from 24 years down to just a few years
> > old. I don't breed my birds, these are just pets. I've never had an
> > egg hatch here yet and I'd better knock on wood because I'd like to
> > keep it that way too. <grin>
> >
> > Kim wrote:
> > > Hi
> > >
> > > I know this is out of the context of Nandays (I always read the board
> > > since I have a Nanday myself) but I do remember in some of the threads
> > > there was mentions of some cockatiel web sites. My boss wants to get
> > > one for his daughter and they have no experience in birds so I
> > > thought if I could point them to some helpful web sites it would be
> > > good for their prospective bird.
> > >
> > > Thanks
> > >
> > > Kim

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