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Date:Thursday February 10, 2005 7:48:12 pm MST
Subject:Re: Websites on Cockatiels
Message:Hi Kim, I happen to be the Online Editor for the National Cockatiel Society - . I oversee the message board there called Talk About Tiels where people can post their questions and we have a group of panelists who will provide a prompt answer with good advice. They're welcome to stop in and chat about what they're looking for and maybe we can help hook him up with a local NCS breeder. Our website also has a lot of great articles too. They're welcome to chat directly with me if they wish ( - I've got 16 pet cockatiels (some with disabilities) aged anywhere from 24 years down to just a few years old. I don't breed my birds, these are just pets. I've never had an egg hatch here yet and I'd better knock on wood because I'd like to keep it that way too. <grin>

Kim wrote:
> Hi
> I know this is out of the context of Nandays (I always read the board
> since I have a Nanday myself) but I do remember in some of the threads
> there was mentions of some cockatiel web sites. My boss wants to get
> one for his daughter and they have no experience in birds so I
> thought if I could point them to some helpful web sites it would be
> good for their prospective bird.
> Thanks
> Kim

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