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Date:Wednesday January 26, 2005 3:03:51 pm MST
Subject:Re: Steam cleaner
Message:Sandra J wrote:
> >
> Does anyone have a vapor cleaner to clean cages and other hard
> surfaces in the house? I've found lots of information online that
> suggests that vapor cleaners are supposed to be safer for our birds'
> than chemical cleaning and less work for us, too. Unfortunately, the
> reviews for specific vapor cleaning machines are mixed.

If you are referring to the rather expensive steam cleaners, yes I have one. I am not sure whether it is worth the cost. When I use it, the cages are a bit cleaner than when I don't. It blasts into tiny crevices and removes the film I sometimes can't seem to get rid of by scrubbing. But I see several weaknesses. 1) This is not a vacuum, so the "stuff" must be removed before you blow it all over with the steam. 2) It has a good size reservoir so can be used quite a while on one filling, but the pressure goes down quickly. I find I use it a minute then must wait while pressure builds again. (During that time, I can wipe off whatever has been loosened.) This steam-wait-steam-wait cycle and the need to clean twice (clean the cage of the worst mess then steam clean) make it take much longer to clean with the steam machine. 3) I do not believe it disinfects. All instructions I have seen for heat disinfecting advise boiling for 10 minutes. A few seconds of steam may kill some things, but I don't think it will kill much. I haven't tried it for much general home cleaning. On the pllus side, it sure adds humidity to a room when in use.

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