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Date:Monday January 24, 2005 11:39:58 pm MST
Subject:Re: First Timer...Help!!!
Message:HI im a conure owner too "chilli" she can be very sweet but she has one problem she screams in the morning and she is in my room that sucks but she says "hello chilli" its not too clear but it is ok. I heard you have a problem you cant get you conure off your shoulder is that true? Well i use to have a problem like that with chilli but not eny more if she does not wont to get off my shoulder i take her by her cage and make her come off and i close her door if she comes on my finger when i wont her to i give her a seed she loves them but she cant have allot it is unhealthy for her. it worked for me i try teaching her other things like putting a seed in my hand and closing my hand if she gets it without biting me she can have it but if she bites me i don't let her have it she is also scared of some of her toys like a ladder she hates it she wont even go close to it if there is a seed next to it well i try not to spoil her but she has so many toys in her cage if its not in her cage she seems to go done and not be as playful as she is she has a bell and its in this little thing she has to put her beak threw the lines and play with the bell she also has a toy that you put food in and she trys to get it out she likes that and she has this thing made out of wood it is 3 little wood pieces that she sits on and i put 2 pieces of cloth hanging in her cage she likes to get behind it so no one can see her. And i try to cut her feathers so i can take her out but she still seems to fly so i just don't take her out side. But she is so cute she has allot of colors like very little black mostly green she has like a blue thick ring going around her neck and 2 red rings around her ankles in her wings there is blue purple red she is beautiful i love her with all my heart she seems to try to show off infront of other people she dances ( she nods her head real fast) she gives little hand shakes and she says"hello chilli" she is adorable you can send me some things back about tour bird at
thank you

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