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Date:Monday January 24, 2005 4:33:46 pm MST
Subject:Re: Do quiet conures exist?
Message:Don't plan on finding a quiet bird. Never heard of any bird that was totaly quiet. Sorry. For those of you who live in Australia, there is a new conure web site. It is . There is also a web site to visit. Called Another great group to sign up for is . You get the emails right to your in box. The people are really great. We also exchange pictures, which also come right into your inbox. I haven't been to this site in a long time. I must check it more often.     

Nicole wrote:
> Hi,
> Also thought I'd ask...anyone know of a very quiet bird that could be
> housed with a conure? I'm talking very quiet, which means it won't
> start screaming when it hears the conure screaming. Is there another
> conure that's known to be extremely silent? I'm not counting on this
> existing though....just thought I'd ask!
> Thanks again,
> Nicole

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