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Name:Anna and Boo
Date:Saturday January 22, 2005 7:50:21 pm MST
Subject:Re: vaccinations?
Message:None of my birds are vaccinated for anything, as far as I know. Like Margaret says, vaccinating is not necessary unless it is a baby at risk of being exposed to disease. I have read somewhere that adult birds vaccinated for polyoma had adverse reactions to the vaccine. If I find where I saw that info, I'll post it. Hey, even dogs and cats may have problems after long term frequent vaccine use.

I've heard the PBFD disease vaccine has been developed and tested, but apparently it is not going to be available to the public. I followed a story of one lady in Australia who wanted to track down this vaccine after her lory developed PBFD symptoms. She couldn't get it. The vaccine had been made, it was proven to be effective in captive flocks, but when she got a hold of the researchers working with the vaccine she was told that there wasn't enough demand for it.

If anyone knows anything different, I'd love to hear it.

Margaret wrote:
> I hear that they're working on a vaccine for PBFD (Psittacine Beak &
> Feather Disease) and avian vaccinations are really in the earliest of
> stages as compared to what we do for dogs and cats. They really have a
> long way to go.
> But anyhow, if you have a bird that has already been weaned and
> especially if he is living in a one bird household and isn't exposed
> to routine risk, in my opinion, there is little need to seek a
> vaccination at this point. Your bird's natural immune system can
> probably withstand minor exposure and the chances of being exposed at
> all are probably quite slim (hopefully). <smile> Really, I don't think
> you have a whole lot to worry about. I hope this helps.

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