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Date:Friday January 21, 2005 9:12:08 pm MST
Subject:Re: vaccinations?
Message:Well, from what the general community knows today, birds don't "need" vaccinations in the same sense as how we take our dogs and cats in for routine vaccinations. Some birds do receive vaccinations though if they are at risk or if they come from large aviaries and will be going to a large commercial retailer or if they have a good chance of being exposed to disease. Those birds would be the baby birds. Their immune system isn't as strong and capable as an adult bird's immune system, so if a breeder is shipping baby birds to commercial retailers, it is probably wise to vaccinate them. Stress from shipment and relocation, removal from existing flock and environment, those are all things that can bring disease to the surface in baby birds and vaccinating them helps them to not catch a disease in the first place. They are usually vaccinated around 5 weeks of age and then they should get another "booster" in two or three weeks after that.

I've only acquired one bird, who to my knowledge, has ever been given any vaccinations. I believe he was vaccinated for Polyoma and perhaps Pachecos Disease. I'd have to dig out his file to be certain, but that is in our bedroom and my hubby went to bed about an hour ago and really needs his sleep so I wouldn't want to bother him right now. He is in quite a bit of pain tonight and sleeping is best for him right now.

I hear that they're working on a vaccine for PBFD (Psittacine Beak & Feather Disease) and avian vaccinations are really in the earliest of stages as compared to what we do for dogs and cats. They really have a long way to go.

But anyhow, if you have a bird that has already been weaned and especially if he is living in a one bird household and isn't exposed to routine risk, in my opinion, there is little need to seek a vaccination at this point. Your bird's natural immune system can probably withstand minor exposure and the chances of being exposed at all are probably quite slim (hopefully). <smile> Really, I don't think you have a whole lot to worry about. I hope this helps.

Linda wrote:
> I had a question posed to me today, and even though I'm not quite
> certain if I'm right or not I figured I should ask the experts that
> visit this page often the question:
> This is it: What vaccinations if any do our domesticated birds need?
> Looking forward to hearing from Anna &Boo, Margaret,Bayfield, and
> others that know a thing or two about birds.
> Linda.

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