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Date:Friday January 21, 2005 8:51:21 pm MST
Subject:Re: Help for a newbie!
Message:LOL! Hi Dan! Yep, I read every word. You gave her good advice and I'm glad you shared your story with her.

My most recently adopted conure didn't want anything to do with me either. Then one morning I wasn't feeling well (yes, this is similar to my macaw story) and tried to get things done around the house, but just had to lay down and sleep on the couch for a bit. I think my newest conure became a little worried seeing me like that and from that day forward she became a very sweet bird with me. It was surprising to me because she favored my hubby 100% for the first month she was with us. Then, after that morning, she warmed up to me quickly and now she seeks me out for attention.

I'll bet your bird spent most of his life in the cage and that is probably why he prefers his cage. Is it a good sized cage for him? A smaller cage probably makes him feel secure like he is in his nest box, but that could be part of his problem too. If the bird is fully flighted, you'll have to be careful (especially if he likes to bite or attack) but you could try letting him come out on his own. Perhaps you could bribe him out of his cage with a cup of goodies. I hope your bird isn't on a seed only diet, but considering his background I wouldn't be too surprised if that is the case. So remove his food cups and let him come out of his cage to eat. Anything you can do to coax him out and to enjoy things outside his cage and eventually away from his cage, the better off he will be, the more interesting his life can be.

Keep us posted and we'll try to help you along the way. This whole process can take weeks or even months (or more). Most importantly, give him lots of love.

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