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Name:Anna and Boo
Date:Friday January 21, 2005 8:38:58 pm MST
Subject:Re: Why Red feathers around black mask on "some" Nandays?
Message:Do you have a picture?

Some nandays have more of a reddish edging around the mask, some have less, but I've never seen one with red feathers near the eye. My Ruby has the most visible red, but still, he has a black mask with a reddish edging. To be honest, I've never seen a female with much red yet. Another one of my males, Solo, has a freak red feather on top of his head, which I think has more to do with the way the feather developed. He was plucked before I got him, so the follicle is damaged, and the feather grows out funny. The red pigment is naturally there, but masked by melanin. In a lutino nanday (without melanin), the mask area is red and the body is yellow.

Some hybrids have quite a bit of red on the head. I have two nansuns whose heads are mostly red with some darker feathers mixed in. I have no idea what happens if the hybrid genes are mixed in and passed down through several generations - I don't breed hybrids, and I don't want to reproduce the ones I have, although I did test and found out that the nansuns are indeed fertile. So it is possible. Does Ariel have any other non-nanday markings? Red on the stomach, white or yellow down feathers, yellow feathers in the green, dark feet that don't lighten to pink, anything that makes you think she's got hybrid genes?

It could also be that she's a natural mutation of some sort. I'd love to see what she looks like...

Nicole wrote:
> Hi Again... again,
> Juuuust wondering...
> I noticed my fml Nanday Ariel started getting a subtle "blush" affect
> of red feathers bordering her black mask and going towards her neck
> area, all the way around. Now that she's getting a little older (8
> months) it's gotten darker and more red is scattered around that
> border, and some pure red feathers track along toward her eye inside
> the all black area, and a little tiny pure red feather right above
> her beak. In some pictures of Nandays I've seen that light red
> blushed look on that black feather border, but not quite as dark and
> pronounced as hers. I've also seen some pics of Nandays without that
> red at all.

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