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Date:Friday January 21, 2005 7:59:52 pm MST
Subject:Re: Do quiet conures exist?
Message:I've only had my Green-Cheek conure and my Nanday conure a week today, but they are both very quiet...well, when Andy the Nanday says hello it is pretty loud, but it's not a constant, or even regular for my little Green-Cheek, he makes sounds, but no screams/squawks, etc...I've not yet met a "loud" or "noisy" Green-cheek...

Margaret wrote:
> The pyhurra conures are known as the quietest conures. That would
> include the green cheek and the maroon belly conures. They do make
> noise, but nothing like the nandays or the suns. These birds don't
> hurt the ears when they vocalize. I do however have a knack for
> getting my animals wound up and when I get my conures out (including
> suns, nanday, green cheek and maroon belly) I will squeal "Weeeeeeee"
> and they will all gleefully join in. We have our noisy times here at
> home, but I have a total of 24 parrots here.
> My pionus are also pretty quiet, comparatively.
> Housing another bird with a conure? Well, all 5 of my conures have
> their own individual cages. While they can enjoy time out with their
> friends and even share play gyms with birds they accept and are
> friendly with, they each have their own space. If you want to bring
> another bird in, that is fine, but I would definitely plan on them
> having their own place, their own direct attention with you, and
> their own play gym and their own cage. Situations can become
> dangerous when one bird is much larger than the other with the
> smaller bird usually suffering the most damage if a scuffle occurs.
> If sharing a cage, the smaller bird or the least aggressive bird
> cannot get away from the aggressor. Someone is bound to get hurt. In
> the wild, a bird can fly away from an aggressor (such as when any
> bird is feeling hormonal, especially a male bird, but females can be
> equally as aggressive). If two birds are kept confined to a cage, and
> are different species and different sizes, I believe it is only a
> matter of time before a disaster strikes.
> I would advise to keep any shared time fully supervised and give them
> their own space.
> Nicole wrote:
> > Hi,
> > Also thought I'd ask...anyone know of a very quiet bird that could
> be
> > housed with a conure? I'm talking very quiet, which means it won't
> > start screaming when it hears the conure screaming. Is there
> another
> > conure that's known to be extremely silent? I'm not counting on
> this
> > existing though....just thought I'd ask!
> >
> > Thanks again,
> > Nicole
> >

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