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Date:Friday January 21, 2005 7:51:16 pm MST
Subject:Re: Help for a newbie!
Message:Hi Teri,

I'm fairly new at the bird stuff but i've learned a lot from this website. I rescued my Nanday from a flea market pet shop where he was put in a hallway on top of the rat or ferret cage each morning while children and adults alike would walk by and poke or rattle his cage. I watched him for about 3 weeks. He was beautiful, feathers were perfect, color was bright, and he definitely had attitude but when someone would walk up to his cage he became very vocal and would actually be aggressive to whomever neared his territory. Lunging for any fingers he could possibly reach. He had a price tag of $150.00. (cage included of course). The third week that I had stopped to look at him the price tag was slashed and had a price of $75.00. I had previously talked to the owner of the store and she had told me that this bird would take a lot of work and would never really be much of a pet so I knew the price reduction was because of the bad attitude he had. Lets face it who would want an animal for a pet that is lunging at you and making noises you cant stand for a few seconds let alone nonstop at home. I swear that after the 3 weeks I visited him that he could remember me. He just kind of looked at me and would make calm noises rather than screaming that I had heard previously. Anyway, I decided I was going to take him home. I live alone and have plenty of time to work with him. After the first 2 or 3 months (not really sure)   the bird and I hated each other. Truly hated each other. I had even contacted pet shops to see if I could get rid of him. None of them were interested. Within the next 3 months he started doing things slowly. Each day he would do something or i'd be able to get close to him with my hand until finally there isn't a thing I cant do with him. The hardest time I have with him now is to get him out from under my chin where he loves to cuddle. Its really hard to believe its the same Nanday that I had brought home that day. To end this long winded email (PS..MARGARET..YOU BETTER READ THIS BECAUSE I HAVE READ ALL OF YOURS). He is now my best friend and I never knew how much love a bird could actually give to someone. Give your Nanday time and he will love you and begin training you!.. TRUST ME.

Good luck,


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